Benefits - Easy Funding from Far West Capital

Take the wheel, we have the map.

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Dedication & Communication

As a client of Far West Capital, you have a dedicated account representative assigned to your company. Your representative is involved with your business and knows your goals and financing requirements. He or she will be available to answer any questions, explain your options, and address any concerns you might have.

Improving Your Financial Strength

Would easier access to cash help your business become more profitable and productive? Would additional cash flow help you achieve goals that are currently beyond reach? If so we can help you. Our factoring program gives you the finances you need today to get where you want to be tomorrow.

Convenient Location

Many of our customers come by our office because it’s conveniently located on the East side of town near I-10. Our convenient location allows you to pick up your checks, drop off invoices and communicate with your account representative easily. We’re a friendly and hardworking team and we love when our clients stop by to collect a check or just to say hi.

Free Online Credit Checks, 24/7

At Far West Capital, we think you deserve to operate your business when you want. This means being able to conduct a free online credit check at any time you want using our online system.  Learn More