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Delcar Transport Company

“The team at Far West Capital is a pleasure to work with because they are always helpful and cheerful. I love the fact that as soon as I take my invoices in, I step out of their office with a check. We have been able to have cash flow on a daily basis, among other things. Truly, a great company and great people.

BM Transport INC / ABI Express INC

The service Far West Capital provides is more than excellent, and the staff is very kind. When you walk into the Far West Capital office, you get the feeling you are visiting a home because you talk face-to-face with your account manager. Factoring is a very good system for small companies like us because you can cover all your expenses and at the same time, invest in your company and meet all your goals and objectives. We use the credit check a lot and we have not had any issues with the service. Another good thing is we do not have to worry about collecting the money from each broker. Far West Capital does it for us and they do it very well. Thank you Far West Capital for all your support and confidence!

Guerrero’s Trucking

Great Service! I just started my company this year with 2 trucks. It is fast and easy to sell my invoices at Far West Capital, especially since I depend on daily cash flow. The staff at Far West Capital always takes their time to provide good service.

Tornillo Express INC

Far West Capital provides us very good service. Since we are a new company, they help us a lot by answering questions about any concerns we have. We always receive our money when we walk in, and we are so happy to have Far West Capital as our factoring company!

Castanon Trucking

Far West Capital’s customer service is amazing. The team will go out of their way for the client! They make it so simple and easy to factor any amount of invoice, no matter what. The service Far West Capital provides has been the best I have encountered so far and the system they use for credit checks is great. Far West Capital benefits my company so much. They make it easy to factor and you are in and out of the office fast with a check. Thanks, Far West Capital!

J. Ramirez Trucking

We have worked with Far West Capital since we started our transportation company 6 years ago and they have always provided us excellent customer service. Far West Capital has been a fundamental tool in the growth of our company. Thank you Far West Capital for all your support!

Erives Enterprises LLC

I have been working in the transportation industry for several years now, during which I have worked with different factoring companies. Once I started working with Far West Capital, I realized that they not only provided the cash flow I needed to make my business grow, but in reality, they look out for the best interest of my company. Far West Capital has saved our company money and time with their credit checks and collections. Thank you Far West Capital! -José Erives, CEO.

Pam Transport Corp.

"I have a relationship of several years with Far West Capital, nearly the whole time I’ve had my business. If you don’t have a service like this, it’s very difficult to keep working because sometimes you get paid 30 or 60 days later and you need cash flow daily.

What I like the most about FWC is their service and the way they take care of you. They always have a great attitude. More than anything, in all the years I’ve been there, they’ve given us excellent service and always with the same positive attitude. You know, if someone has good vibes, you lighten up by being around them. "

-Luis Núñez, CEO.

J&V Trucking

"I worked for two companies driving and then decided to get myself a little truck and work on my own. We started with that, and my daughter at home, dispatching. Now, we own 22 trucks, I work in the office and take care of my business.  And we always did our factoring on Far West, and in five years we’ve gone a long way. Everyone’s been helpful. They’ve helped with advice, service and professionalism. They help us have good management, and not fall on extra charges.

I’m very happy with FWC. I like to pay my drivers the moment they return, to do everything quickly. Everything’s fast with Far West." -Verónica Barraza, CEO. (Find out more about Veronica's success story here!)